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Let’s talk about masks

In the beginning of COVID-19 madness talking about the fact that masks can’t protect because the virus is way too small so can pass, and masks aren’t suitable for mass use wasn’t a big deal. In my deleted by World Health Organization LinkedIn blog I even wrote about it and people were like “Okay. It sounds reasonable.” Even God Dr Fauci stated the same. Yet several months later masks are everywhere including on small kids despite that there is no even one proven benefit while data about the harm adds up.

Even the RKI confirms the lack of evidence on the harmlessness of masks. "There are no studies on health and long-term effects on vulnerable people or children when wearing FFP-2 masks," admits Berlin's Senate. — Dr Lidiya Angelova (@angelovalidiya) March 24, 2021

Then why are we still pushed to wear masks? Well If you read my blog you know - pandemic is not about protecting us from a virus. It is common cold from which we are well protected. It is about control. Masks are used to torture prisoners. We turned to ones without any conviction.,the%20prisoners'%20treatment%20this%20week

Our basic human rights are taken before our eyes. I just read an article about the fact that in Germany social services can take kids if not tested. Yes, the authorities twisted that is just for common good like the old times despite that kids are protected from the virus and don’t spread it. So if you don't take useless tests on your healthy kids they will be taken from you!

Meanwhile in #Germany If you don't test your child expect social services to take her or him from your home..... Next will be the #COVID19 vaccine for sure. Children rarely get the virus. Tests are crap.#Germans wake up. — Dr Lidiya Angelova (@angelovalidiya) April 23, 2021

Remember if not stopped vaccines are next to be mandatory. All COVID-19 vaccines are experimental medical treatments which seem to kill kids and healthy adults who don’t suffer from COVID-19.

How do I think we can stop the madness?

I said it and will again: Speak up. Ask questions. Find like minded people. Noise and the power of millions who don’t want to be enslaved are the only hope.

One bird can’t bring spring, but a united a crowd can lift a mountain!

Don't forget that masks are harmful for environment as well and climate change lockdowns are on the road while real issues as pollution are left so we can positioned more

More to read.

[Thread] The infographic below titled 'Masked Science' contains a number of quotes from journal articles about the effects of wearing masks, particularly on viral transmission. This thread contains links to all of those journal articles. — Luther (@LutherBurgsvik) November 17, 2020

Here is my promised review of science articles about the harms caused by face masks: — Denis Rancourt (@denisrancourt) February 23, 2021

Masks are to keep quiet, not to protect you! ~ Milen Tsvetkov, Bulgarian journalist murdered last year #quoteoftheday #Masks#COVID #COVID19 — Dr Lidiya Angelova (@angelovalidiya) January 31, 2021

Experimental medical treatments on kids for disease they don't suffer -

All COVID-19 tests are unreliable but still used. We must end it! -

Biderman's Chart of Coercion. A tool designed to demonstrate and explain the coercive methods of stress manipulation used to torture prisoners of war. Looks familiar? — Dr Lidiya Angelova (@angelovalidiya) March 1, 2021

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